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How do you create a brand? There are many moving parts to building a recognizable brand. We have found that companies who are the most successful at this really understand that every aspect of their business is vitally important. Most importantly, they understand why they do what they do. Every move they make in their business aligns with their why! This means you have to pay close attention to every detail. Your logo, graphics, website, signage, building appearance, location, dress code, customer service, attitude and much more. Establishing a well known brand takes time, dedication and a great plan. We can help you align your website, logo and graphics with your why!


Having custom icons created to match your brand is a graphic design detail that many companies ignore. Custom icons can make website navigation easier for your customers. It’s just one way you can reduce friction between you and your potential clients. It also shows attention to detail, and subconsciously, that speaks to people. It says, ‘If they pay this much attention to detail, I’m probably going to have a pretty good experience with this company.’


Obviously, your company logo is very important. It’s essentially your brand in a nutshell. Think Nike, Facebook, Google and just about any recognizable brand out there. What is the similarity between most recognizable brands? Their logos are shockingly simple. Our graphic design artists goal is to create you a shockingly simple yet recognizable logo that matches your WHY and becomes something people will remember regardless of how big or small your brand is.  


Any image that has to be built, edited or modified is classified as a custom graphic. These can range in all shapes, sizes and colors and can be used in specific areas of your website, inside your building, on signs and in your advertising. Custom graphics can be used to catch the attention of your potential customers and create excitement and urgency. You tell us what you want and we will make it happen.