Our Process


Our process of helping you achieve your dream website is fun and exciting. Our website design and development team will do all the heavy lifting for your new website while you get to verify and approve our work each step of the way. Through our cool and innovative tools, we give you access to our designs right from the comfort of your office or home computer.


The consultation can take place in our office or over the phone. It's about finding out what you want your website to do for your business. What do you want it to look like, feel like and function like? We would love you to bring company logos, color pallets, images, photos and examples of competitor websites you like or don't like to this meeting.


This is where we plan your website page layouts and functionality for your website. We lay this information out in wire-frames that tell us where all the information will be located on your website. Next, our designers will create at least two mood board options for you to choose from. The mood boards will contain the designers perspective of the mood and vision for your website including: major design shapes, ideas and colors.


This is where our designers start to transform the approved mood board into the prototype. To do this, our designer takes all the information gathered from you thus far and creates a beautiful custom design specific to your wants and needs. Each page is designed and shared with you through the Invision App for your review and approval right from the comfort of your office or living room computer.


You get to approve the designs before they go to our development team! This means nothing is developed until you’re happy with the design! Each page will be approved by you and all changes, edits and modifications need to be completed before we move forward with the development.  Remember, this is your website and we wan’t you to love it!


This is where we take your static design and give it life! We get to add roll over affects, video, scrolling affects, color changes, database features, buttons, links and much more. It’s also where the magic happens to make your website friendly and responsive to all screen sizes so it looks great no matter what you view it on. Our developers are amazing and they will build your website to the design specs so you know the design you approve will be the design you get.


Our goal is to provide our customers with a beautiful website that is easy to navigate, makes doing business with you easier and increases ROI. Most importantly, we wan’t you to be happy with our service and the end results.